Grants Panel Chair: Alex Ferrada (BMX Cycling)

Alex Ferrada
Alex Ferrada

Alex Ferrada is Press/Promotional/Development/Funding Officer for MKBMX Racing Club. He is still trying to work out what it means(!!!), but his efforts have brought renewed interest in BMX racing in Milton Keynes.

The club’s Inter-Regional Event in June 2009 was not only supported by Heart103.3 but attracted 333 riders, the largest BMX event in the region for 16 years!

Alex was a Financial Adviser for 28 years before selling his business at the end of 2006.

Before then, he was a successful racing driver, in 1976 becoming British Sportscar Champion. He raced also in Production Saloons and FF2000 before losing his drive to Martin Brundle in 1978. Not long after, he started BriSCA F1 Stock Car Racing and was a European Championship Finalist in 1984.

His son Michael stated BMX racing when age 4 and was soon followed by sister Isabelle who is now 13 and current National Champion in her age group. This activity prompted Alex to start!  He is now officially the oldest BMX Racing Licence holder in the UK!. His 27th place in the East Anglia Winter Series 2008-9 is probably an indication that it is time to retire!

When not involved with BMX and SportMK activities, Alex enjoys riding his motorbikes (including a FireBlade and MotoCross KX250!), his vintage Raleigh mopeds, Sinclair C5 and Lotus Excel.