Sport MK Committee

SportMK Committee Hierachy


The Executive Committee

The Sport MK AGM was held on Monday 11th May 2015 @ at Shenley Leisure Centre and ; the following persons were nominated / seconded / approved.

These changes were formally confirmed / Documented at the June Sport MK Meeting:

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SportMK President_Rick Townsend

SportMK Chair_Marie Collins

SportMK Vice Chair_Felicity Chandler-Odonnel

SportMK Treasurer_Christine Allsopp

 The Grants Panel

SportMK grants Panel Chair_Alex Ferrada

Grants Panel Members:  [Click Names to ‘find out more’]

Alex Ferrada                                BMX Cycling

Christine Allsopp                         Treasurer

– Felicity Chandler-O’Donnell         Gymnastics

– Fernley Rose                               Multi Sports

The Sports Achievers Panel

SportMK Sports Achiever Panel Chair_Ruth Jeffries

Achiever Panel Members:

Ruth Jeffries                            Badminton

Colin Kightley                          Cricket

Wayne Patrick                          Swimming

MK Sports Development Representative

Darren Gray  (Korfball)


MK School Sports Partnership

Nina Sweetland

Benefactor Representatives

See ‘Our Benefactors’ Page for further details

MK Community Foundation_Bart Gamber

MK Council_Rick Brackenbury

National Hockey Foundation_Andy Dransfield (No Link Available)

Social Media (Website / Facebook)

Derek Clitheroe               Canoeing / Kayaking

Andrew Warr                    IT Enthusiast / Airline Employee