2015 SMK Awards


By Derek Clitheroe 


The 2015 SMK Awards evening, 01-12-2015, was held at the Shenley Leisure Centre entertained an audience of some 300

The evening opened with a demonstration of the ‘HAKA’, the World Rugby Cup theme, by a very young team of gymnasts from MK Springers. Immediately followed by the congregation being asked to stand and follow the ‘haka’ with the support of 10 experts from the Parks Trust. This was found to be very enjoyable.

The business of the evening started with the presentation of the Personality of the Year Award 2015 to Gregg Rutherford, Olympic, Commonwealth, World. Long Jump Champion. This was necessary through Gregg being unwell with a heavy cold.

The remainder of the evening followed the order of the programme generally. This was some 17 annual SMK Awards plus certificates for Monthly Sport Achievers.

MK Community Foundation presented two larger Sports Bursaries for outstanding achievement in sport (with reference to the Margaret Powell Trust)

David Hall introduced a perpetual award for the Most Improved Athlete to honour the loss of a very good young squash player who died with his family in a Canadian air crash.

The evening proved to be of great success with the guests being able to give further encouragement to our athletes. The appreciation of new young recipients receiving certificates was most encouraging.

Summary of SMK Awards.

A total of 17 Awards were presented. These included.-

4 Awards presented to members of MMK Athletic Club.

This club has a large membership of 1000+ of all ages. These include new grass-root athletes to International standard athletes.

3 Awards presented to members of MK Rowing Club

This club mainly caters for Adults, some 80 members, who train for competition. This consists of 45 female members and 35 male members. They do have contact with another organisation for the training and introduction of younger members

2 Awards presented to members of MK Storm Junior Ice Hockey Club

        This club caters for under 18 athletes and has some 97 members.

The proceedings of the evening illustrated the strength and diversity of sport in MK, with tremendous success in all age groups.

It must be pointed out that our group of Judges can only consider the application forms received. They would certainly like more nominations for consideration.

A great vote of thanks is due to Evolution, for their voluntary assistance with the presentation, and to MKFM for their recording, interviews, and photographs.

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